The Cutting the Cable Podcast is hosted by Clint Wichert and Darrell Darnell. Its a podcast that is designed to entertain and inform. We focus on TV and movies that are available via legal streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon. In addition to providing podcasts that discuss TV and film, we will provide information about how you can cut your cable and find all your entertainment needs via legal online resources. We will review new technology as it arrives in the marketplace and interview people within the technology arena and people who have cut their cable to learn about their first hand experiences.

In April of 2011 Clint and Darrell formed Golden Spiral Media. Golden Spiral Media is a company focused on providing high quality, entertaining and intelligent media productions. In addition to producing the Cutting the Cable podcast, Golden Spiral Media produces The Fringe Podcast which was voted Best in Entertainment at the 2010 Podcast Awards.

Darrell married his wife Kari 12 years ago and has been blessed with two beautiful, bright, and fun kids.  He works as the eCommerce Director for a Christian bookstore chain. 
He serves as a part-time worship leader at his church.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology which makes him a certified geek.  His favorite TV show of all time is Lost and Fringe is a close second. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, spending time with his family and writing up silly bios so he can refer to himself in the third person.  Darrell gives credit for his love of podcasting to his friend, Cliff Ravenscraft over at GSPN.

Clint is a podcasting genus.  You might say “Ha! What kind of Genius doesn’t know how to spell Genius?” But you’d be wrong. Dead Wrongest.  Clint’s cunning combination of science, mumbling, and awkward silence had led the Podcast Speciation Society to create a new Genus of Podcaster: Mumbilius with the unique species Informaticus.  In his spare time, Clint stays married to his wife Mandy, and is experimenting with fatherhood with his two test subjects which he affectionately calls “his progeny.”  Clint holds two degrees in sciency type stuff and regularly tricks people into believing that he knows what he is talking about at his sciency job.   Clint’s favorite show of all time is, of course, MacGyver, but also really enjoyed all 5 seasons of LOST.  He owes his podcast career to Darrell Darnell, who convinced him to come back for “just one more episode” for the past 4 years.