Hey Folks!  Welcome to Cutting the Cable Podcast!  Cutting the Cable Podcast is a production of Golden Spiral Media, which also produces The Fringe Podcast, winner of the 2010 Best in Entertainment Podcast Award.

The Cutting the Cable Podcast is a podcast that is designed to entertain and inform.  We focus on TV and movies that are available via legal streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon.  In addition to providing podcasts that discuss TV and film, we will provide information about how you can cut your cable and find all your entertainment needs via legal online resources.  We will review new technology as it arrives in the marketplace and interview people within the technology arena and people who have cut their cable to learn about their first hand experiences.

You can join in the FIRST EPISODE of the Cutting the Cable Podcast as we record it on May 22, 2011 at 5pm Eastern time.  Check out our calendar widget on the right side of our home page to stay informed of our Watch Schedule and our Podcast Schedule.