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Back to the Future

Episode 023- Time Travel Movies: Back to the Future

In this Episode, Clint and Darrell discuss the quintessential Time Travel Movie: Back to the Future.  Darrell and Clint discuss how heavy the movie was on fun, while remaining seriously light on science, the benefits of having Michael J. Fox Marty McFly en lieu of Eric Stoltz, which is cooler; the moonwalk or the hoverboard, and the

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Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys

Episode 022- Time Travel Movies: 12 Monkeys

In this episode of the Cutting the Cable Podcast, we review the time travel movie, 12 Monkeys starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. 12 Monkeys is inspired by the French short film, La Jette. We discuss the camera work, sets, costumes and music used in 12 Monkeys. We also talk about the performances by Brad

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Podcast

Episode 018- Time Travel Movies: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Strange things are afoot at the CTC podcast.  In this episode ,we flashback to the 1980′s when a strange man in a phone booth tries to help Clint & Darrell pass High School History.  Were it not for his help, there would be no Cutting the Cable Podcast.  D&C discuss a most the most triumphant movie,’Bill and

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Episode 015-Time Travel Movies: Primer

In this episode of Cutting the Cable Podcast, Clint and Darrell go back in time to record their own podcast so they don’t have remember what to say.  Darrell Two then clones himself so that he can go to Comic Con while Darrell One stays home with family.  We also talk about the movie Primer; one of

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Episode 012-Time Travel Movies: Timecop

In this episode of the Cutting the Cable Podcast, we discuss the time travel movie Timecop.  As JCVD’s highest grossing movie of all time, it holds a unique place in time and in our hearts.  Tune in to listen to us discuss the conundrum caused by parallel universes in universe without parallel.  We also discuss

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Episode 009-Time Travel Movies: The Terminator

In this episode, we discuss the original Terminator movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.  We talk about how the film has aged,  some of the details surrounding the film the making of the film, and of course time travel. Expect lots of bad impersonations, and comments about the 80′s.  Download and listen, or be Terminated.


Episode 006-Time Travel Movie: The Philadelphia Experiment

In this episode we discuss the ill-fated “The Philadelphia Experiment.” And yes, we’re talking about both the Experiment and the Movie.  In fact, I wish we could go back in time and unmake this movie.  Moving on, we discuss the virtues on early computer generated special effects, how cars ALWAYS blow up in the 80′s,

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Episode 004-Time Travel Movies: STAR TREK

In this episode, we review the most recent movie in the STAR TREK franchise.  On tap for this episode, Darrell and Clint discuss J.J Abram’s job at the helm of the Starship Enterprise, the casting choices made for the most iconic original cast in TV history, and what the Delta Vega Monster was modelled after.

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