Strange things are afoot at the CTC podcast.  In this episode ,we flashback to the 1980′s when a strange man in a phone booth tries to help Clint & Darrell pass High School History.  Were it not for his help, there would be no Cutting the Cable Podcast.  D&C discuss a most the most triumphant movie,’Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’  Darrel and Clint discuss the royal ugly dudes, why the use of the Iron Maiden in the 15th Century England was most heinous, and much Bill’s dad is creeping on Missy.  I mean Mom.We also talk about how Ghangis Khan and Napoleon would not have been Homies, and other problems with the multiple parallel universes created when Rufus and the Future Past Us’s travel through time with reckless abandon.  FInally, Clint blasphemes by stating that Primer owes a lot to B&TEA, and discusses the upcoming Threequel .  Stay With Us.